Saturday, April 26, 2014

Early Morning Raindrops

I grew up an early bird. I always loved mornings. But about four or five years ago I started sleeping in... or, to be more precise, going to sleep later AND waking later.

Maybe it was motherhood catching up on me. 

An attempt to fill a chasm of sleep-deficit. Maybe. And definitely driven by a need to carve out time for myself after everyone else had fallen asleep.

It's been a strange thing. T has been pretty kind about it and in fact has taken the role of our house early-bird. But, I miss the things you miss when you sleep in. 

I miss the light. 
The raindrops. 
The air. 
The silence. 
The peace.

And so I'm trying to go to bed earlier. In an attempt to be present. 
And these are the gifts that it gave me today :)

nb: Part of my inspiration is the Breakfast Club Diaries group. An invitation to capture first light. Have you joined us yet? x

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