Thursday, April 17, 2014

107/365 Snot Smoothies aka. Mucous Milkshakes

I pretty sure I've mentioned on here previously that my husband likes to request I make him batches of slime "for work purposes". Lol.

This time it was a request for Snot Smoothies (aka Mucous Milkshake). And well, I couldn't exactly refuse!! No children were harmed in the consumption of this vile delight*.

* as far as I know ;)

You can make your own Snot Smoothies too!

+ Freeze two ripe bananas
+ Add frozen banana and milk to your blender (or use a blender-stick)
+ Add green food colouring (we were disgusting and used regular ol' food dyes - but I do imagine you could use juice some Kale or other equally GREEN veggie and colour it that way :)
+ Blend until thick and creamy. Yum.

Voila! Snot-on-tap. Enjoy ;)

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