Saturday, April 26, 2014

115/365 Introducing Kingsley Tiger

Well my #photoaday2014 for today isn't exactly a photo - it's an illustration! 

I am launching a facebook page for each of my boys - a fun place for them to display their artwork, sketches, lego creations and more. They are pages linked to my own Adventures of a Rainbow Mama account and uploaded by me - with the children supplying the art and inspiration. It's part of my plan for continuing with some of the work and creativity that we focused on while we were homeschooling. A segue from homeschooling to life-learning / world-school / all of the other names I can think of for that subtle division of life between life and school ;) I hope that we will find they integrate well. 

Our Lovely (8) has been creating uber-cute-but-wacky characters since he could first draw. His page is the first to go live and he would love your support! 
So please take a look at The Adventures of Kingsley Tiger and - share and 'like' it!  Merci! x
p.s. Lovely has has the name Lovely since I started this blog when he was a wee babe in arms! I've wanted to change the both of the boys 'blog names' for a while now... and I think now is the perfect time :) Hug's fb page is called Buster B - I'll blog about it in the next few days so stay tuned! - and that will be his new Rainbow Mama name too. Yay! New adventures await... XO

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