Monday, February 11, 2013

Homeschoolin' class photos 2013

Last year we started a new tradition - class photos.
Taken at the start of each year. Homeschool-style.

Here is Lovely. 2013.

He is "officially" in Year 2 this year - though, really, the year you are *IN* doesn't mean so much when you are homeschooling does it? ;) He started his year 3 Maths workbook back in what would have been Year 1 and this year he is starting Handwriting Book 3. But, we are using a modified Charlotte Mason Year 2 (part-HUFI) curriculum this year and this is also the year he'd be in if he was "at school". He is 7.
And this is my Hug.
Who is now 9 :) And starting "Year 4".
Do you think they've changed much since last year photos?

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  1. Love the silly photos. And the nice ones. :)

  2. New follower! I'm a mom to be and plan on homeschooling. I always thought homeschooling a boy would be more challenging or tough so I look forward to reading your advice and tips for the future!

  3. Thanks Kristy! And welcome Yours Truly :)


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