Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Travel planning with kids and coffee.

Last year I mentioned my wanderlust.

We were dreaming of a big trip. Penciled to be Europe 13-14.
It seemed all pie in the sky back then, silly even.
So far away and - really - could we? Should we?... Would we?

So we bit the bullet and did the only sensible thing. We bought tickets.
One way tickets at that.

Oh my. We. Were. Booked!!

Now we are in serious planning mode. Ahhhhhh, how I do love travel planning ;)

But our days and weeks are busy. And to-be-completely-honest we are tired at night. 
Or working and tired.

So we have carved out Saturday mornings as dedicated family travel planning time. With coffee of course. 'Cos life is too short to live without coffee ;) Okay. I'm on a detox at the moment so no coffee for me. Sob. But I'm feeling the coffee-love so stick with me.

Hug quizzing L about where this poster may have been from... any guesses?!

We want our boys to be involved. I have borrowed a few of Lonely Planet's Not For Parents books from the library for them to pour over and we bring them along.

It's nice if you choose a good cafe to do all of this heady work.

Eventually, the boys ask for time on their iPods. Their weekends-only treat. Or they return to their current reading book. Which gives us a little extra time. 

That's code for time when we can actually focus. Of course.

Have you traveled with your kids?
Do you have a dream destination or plans-in-the-midst?

Do share! x

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  1. So where are you going? For how long? And when?

  2. Hi Jeanne :)

    We leave in September for 6 months: 4 months in Europe and 2 in Asia.
    Can't wait! But there's still so much to organise!!


  3. ooh amber - we have traveled a lot with our kids so email me sometime if you have questions. our biggest trips so far were 3 months driving in europe (kids were 5 and 7 and we did france, spain, england, wales and a tiny bit of italy) and 5 1/2 weeks traveling the east coast of US from NYC to florida and back. You will have an amazing time.

    1. Hi Deb :) That's so wonderful - I'd love to hear more! Are there posts about your travels on your own blog? We took our boys to France for a month (via Singapore) when Lovely was a baby & Hug was 2-turning-3 but haven't had a big trip since then. How old are your kids now?

  4. Hi Amber, I live n Paris France and just came back from a 4 month trip around the world with my husband and our 3 kids. It was (of course) fantastic, but it is so hard to come back!). The Very Good Trip: http://verygoodtripes.wordpress.com/principe-du-very-good-trip/
    I also created a school for gifted children near Paris, inspired by Montessori, Steiner and Freynet mostly.
    I discovered your blog as I was doing a research about Kapla in Australia (a possible project that could make us live there... my dream).
    Please email me if you come through Paris, it would be a pleasure to meet you and your family: anngaid@hotmail.com.
    Good luck for last preps (one tip: wax before you leave, you'll never have time after!).


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