Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Highlights from our first *official* day

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  1. So happy for you!
    We decided to extend the holidays for a week...and Big Girl almost cried! We negotiated to start homeschool again today on the proviso she could do as much maths as she wants : )
    Guess it is working over here too!
    Love the look of that bread. Go brave mama and papa.
    hugs, Tracey

  2. It looks like it was a successful day!

    Apologies if you have posted about them already and I missed it, but I love your natural tower and broad stair! Will you tell me about them?

  3. Boo! I lost my first reply. Silly iPhone.
    Hi Melissa & thanks 4 your comment :)

    I had the Natural Tower and Broad Stairs made locally by a carpenter, who had attended a Montessori school as a child, and was thrilled when I asked him to make them for me. It was a less expensive & more environmentally-friendly option than ordering more traditional sets from overseas. The only thing I do wish is that I'd had the Broad Stairs stained a little darker so that there was more of a visual discrimination between the 2 when they're used together. But they're beautiful & we'll keep them forever :) A. x

  4. I love the idea of having materials made locally! It always feels good, for me anyway, to keep my money in my community, and avoid all that extra packaging and whatnot, too. They're really gorgeous!


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