Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cooking Day: Vegetarian Lasagna

In keeping with our weekly rhythm, yesterday was 'Cooking Day'.
While L prepared our morning tea...

...I prepped the spinach & ricotta filling (cook onion & garlic with a little salt until soft; wilt fresh spinach; process with a good ricotta until smooth).

Next, L sliced olives and peeled sweet potatoes. I sliced a tomato and grated some tasty cheese and thinly sliced his sweet potatoes. I also opened a jar a pasta sauce! Lol. (I do usually make my own homemade tomato sauce for lasagna but I wanted to keep this reasonably simple).

Ready for layering! I was in charge of dipping the pasta sheets in hot water (to the right of the lasagna tray) & L was in charge of layering all of our delicious ingredients.

Go Lovely! * A little sauce 2 start * pasta sheets * sweet potato * spinach + ricotta * pasta sheets * sauce * REPEAT * top with the grated cheese * finish with sliced tomato and olives.

Served with a fresh garden salad and followed by Bill Granger's Passionfruit Pudding (I substituted plain flour for Quinoa flour and it was A-mazing!).

Delish. What are your favourite recipes to cook with kids? A. x

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  1. My kids, being that little bit older get into the kitchen without me or my husband noticing and whip up lovely food unaided. They even go to the shop if necessary! Cakes have been the latest obsession but before that there was a spate of roasted meats and pasta dishes that we were required to eat, even if we had in fact already finished eating for the day. We had to negotiate that no extra meals were cooked without consulting first!


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