Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oogly-boogly-eyed Santa

Another Christmas-themed activity we've been working on here, with playdough. I hadn't made any new playdough when I first put this together so we used our Halloween (not quite ;) orange playdough

Usually we have a *lot* of playdough equipment out (different animal cutters etc) but I got really lucky at the thrift store last week with a bag of brilliant themed cutters for $1 so I put everything else away to keep it simple and more focused. Love it! There was a rabbit and a pumpkin - alas too late for Halloween - and a birthday cake and these Christmas ones. 

There is enough on the tray for both children to work together - stamping out the shapes & adding the oogly-boogly eyes if they want to. Cute, huh!

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