Monday, December 8, 2008

The Garbage Truck Recycling Game

This was a fun game that we played. My boys (like most I'm sure) love it when the garbage truck comes & Hug often insists the the loungeroom turns into a garbage truck zone. This particular day I didn't want it inside so I suggested that our daybed could be the truck.

This is the front of the garbage truck. Hug often uses the large rounds from our TreeBlocks as steering wheels. We have a collection of clean recycling that I keep for craft so I got that out & let them at it! 

Here the plastics have been sorted into a *plastics area*

Paper and cardboard

I had these 'returned' to me: "Mama, the lids must be removed before you put bottles in the recycling!" :)

And here is Lovely as the jump-on-jump-off garbage guy helper. 

I just loved how much fun they had but also watching how much they knew about recycling and sorting. A great play /real-life learning combo! Who knows how to categorise this type of thing ;)

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