Monday, December 8, 2008

A bucket of pegs

Okay, so *our* Montessori work is really Montessori-inspired-work. I have no training & no actual Montessori equipment so it's really just based on what I have read & the other Montessori mama blogs that inspire me & ideas that I think fit. Montessori purists may think I'm a bit crazy for what I call Montessori but it's (kinda) working for us ;)

Anyways, we started running out of pegs on the line so I bought some more... but they didn't make it to the line. Instead they ended up getting teamed with this blueberry bucket. A sorting game! 

I think that pegging is a great activity for building up the muscles needed for writing and for hand/eye coordination.

And pattern work

And hat making!

This activity has continued to keep them interested and is now a permanent on the shelf so I still have to double-peg on the line ;)

Please excuse the quality of these photo but it was early & the light was a bit low for Hug's camera. He's kindly sharing his with me after mine got full of sand. Woops :(

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