Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Christmasy change!

I have changed a few of our Montessori activities to give them a Christmas feel.

Actually, this is a new one I put together last night when I was cleaning up. I found these little wooden bits & made some simple glitter numbers. This work is for Lovely as I think he's ready to start recognising the written numbers. These glitter babies are a bit small for tracing like you would with the real sandpaper numbers but I think they're a good start for us.

A threading activity. I took out all of the other colours & added white wool (with sticky tape on the ends to make it easier to thread with).

This beading activity is a new one anyway but I took out the other colours also & exchanged the straws for pipe-cleaners. The boys have both enjoyed this actually, especially using the little pegs.

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