Friday, November 21, 2008

Watermelons rock!

T came home with a 12 kilogram watermelon recently! It was one of those unique times when I was glad the fridge was empty ;)

Okay, so we had to juice some of that baby. We have this great juicers that cold presses the fruit/vegies so the boys can't really hurt themselves. (It makes *awesome* pure frozen fruit icecream too!)

Look at these fabulous juicing guys in action! They were completely working as a team. Lovely fed the watermelon in & Hug did the squeezing down. Rock on boys :)


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  1. Definite yum! I could so use one of those gadgets... My parents brought a huge watermelon last Friday, and then my hubby, not realizing we still had most of it left, bought another huge one on Wednesday. So we are gorged out on the stuff right now!

  2. ohhh that gadget looks great, shame the fruit costs so much here :o(

    Thank you for leaving a comment! It's nice to see who pops by :o)


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