Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The tree is up!

The Christmas tree is up! Actually it's been up for 4 days already ;)

I personally like to follow the December 1st tree-up tradition but Hug *absolutely loves* Christmas & had negotiated with his daddy to put it up a week early!

Previously T and the boys have built the tree (unfortunately it isn't a real one - I'm too scared of a real one falling on them while they're little, which is lucky as Lovely even managed to knock this one down) & then I have dressed the tree with help from the boys. But this year I was busy with something & when I came back Hug had done it all by himself! 

A few years ago when we realised that our good-quality tree-ornament collection was non-existent we decided that the way to remedy it was to buy 2 beautiful ornaments each year... to go with our eclectic mix of home-made bits ;) We haven't chosen this years ones yet but it was lovely opening up our special ones that had been packed away all year. 

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  1. I can't wait to get our tree up! We didn't have one last year, but I think I'm going to make up for it by having two this year - one real, one fake. Good idea about buying a few professional ornaments a year - ours are all dilapidated, homemade ones from the '80s!


  2. I love you for having your tree up!!!!!!!!! I have to wait until the first, what with Egg being routine minded and blah blah but OMG I CANT WAIT. Even in my most depressed state my tree always makes me happy happy happy!!!


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