Monday, November 24, 2008

Apples & Bananas

Ooo, I'm a bit excited. How cute is this banana cutter from Montessori Services! :) I mean - it's not that bananas are exactly hard to cut but this is too cute!

Seeing it made me wonder if I'd blogged about my favourite kitchen tool - the apple cutter! I can't believe that I haven't but I looked over my posts & can't see it. Which isn't saying that it's not there - I found 2 different posts about the same Watermelon juice - woops! ;)

Anyway, this apple cutter is brilliant. The child places it over the top of the apple & pushes down & not only is the apple cored but it's also cut into segments. It can be a bit hard for the child to push down with enough strength so I usually assist but you can use it with a pear & they are soft enough for the child to do independently. Now, I bought this at my local supermarket & haven't seen them elsewhere but I'm sure that you could google it.

Now, I don't have one of these magic apple machines but I think they're great too. These photos were taken at a local community school fair. You attach the apple to one end & it cores & cuts the apple into one huge coil. I think it can also peel the apples. Too  much fruit fun. 

p.s. I found the Banana cutter after reading this post from Squirrel Acorns (a new blog to me :) & Montessori Services also have some other great sets that would be easy to recreate at home like these: Peeling a carrot, Juice squeezing activity. 

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  1. I have that apple slicer thing too, but mine is just plain without the cool apple design. Mine is from pampered chef. And I just bought that totally awesome apple machine (got mine at LL Bean but I've seen them other places too like Linens and Things). Yes, it will also peel as well. And you can peel, but not slice/core too. It would be great for preparing apples for applesauce! I used it to peel my apples for apple pies too. My 4yo just loved it! Thanks for visiting Squirrel Acorns!

  2. Now, this might be a little to exciting for us all to handle :0) but have you ever seen a coconut grater??!!


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