Saturday, October 25, 2008

Montessori and Steiner

Well, Hug has been accepted into the local Waldorf Steiner school for next year! We had been waiting for a while to hear so it was good news... and a little bit of a crazy twist for a Montessori mama! ;)

I have so much to say about Montessori and Steiner and the combination and juxtaposition of both so I must find the time to bring these ideas together.

Lovely will start at Hug's old Montessori preschool next year as well so I will have a child in each program! Lovely will also go to a Steiner playgroup each week and I will be doing some Montessori at home with Hug. I guess I'm hoping for the best from both worlds :)

Of course it isn't my ideal situation - or, rather - it's not what I would have imagined choosing but the more I read and think about it the more I dig it. There is very little (that I've found online) about combining both methods but I actually feel like they're the ying and yang of the same whole (wholistic education) but more about that in a future post...

So, I've been pondering the idea of changing my blog title for a while - Maybe, to "Adventures of a RAINBOW mama" with rainbow being the combination of multiple approaches but I do love the Montessori title I have now & I *am* inclined to do much more Montessori inspired stuff myself... that's more *me*. 

Does anyone out there have an opinion? 

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  1. I really enjoy both of those approaches, but at the same time, I think that the best approach is always one you adapt to your children... and that is exactly what you are doing. (Oh, and Steiner and Montessori would approve. ;) )

    I personally have had to steer away from the stunning, beautiful Montessori and Waldorf approaches because they only worked for so long for my older... but at the same time, I have a hands-on approach, and I try to bring the simple and beautiful to my children every day. So you could say I still use them all the time.

    I think your plan sounds great! I also like your new name. :)


  2. Thanks Val :)
    I've really enjoyed checking out your blog too!


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