Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween spider webs

I always like to check my email (and rss feeds) in the mornings as most things arrive overnight (being in Australia and all :) Well, I was so inspired by Laura at My Montessori Journey and this post that as soon as breakfast was finished I put this tray together!:

White paint on a plate + a melon scooper + a little rubber ball (it's the same colour as the scooper so a bit hard to see in this photo. Laura used a marble which would be good but since we didn't have any I went with rubber) + a shaker of silver glitter + a container with a piece of black card inside.

Place the ball into the paint using the scooper and turn the plate around until the ball is covered and then scoop it out...

... and into the container on top of the black paper where you roll the ball around until you have created your very own spider web!

A generous sprinkle of glitter.

And finally, attach a plastic spider with 'blu-tak' ( I took the photo of the tray set up before I tracked down the spiders, but they were on the tray too).

With extra white paint and black paper left we did a few extensions - different coloured glitter and using a skewer to write with. Lots of fun! All of the credit to Laura - her blog is soooooo good and her classroom parents must adore her :)

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