Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some days

Oh somedays...
Some days are easier than others :)
and, some days are harder :(

or - even - some *moments* are easier and some are harder ;)

yesterday was such a dream - the boys were so joyful and polite and we had lots of fun doing simple things and having friends to visit.

today - was actually a lot of fun - with some real fun treats thrown in (mainly 2 big sessions at the new indoor kids "world" and some extra yummy things to eat) but thrown in the middle of that was a mighty t.a.n.t.r.u.m (it was Lovely, not me, I should add -  though I *was* on the brink! ;) 
a full hour and fifteen minutes of screaming. 

Sweet Lord. I thought I was going to lose my mind. 

The funny thing is that yesterday I was having such a blissful time that I was thinking about next year and second-guessing our plans in preference for actually *doing* the homeschool thing. I felt so in the groove. And for that hour and fifteen minutes of ear-bleeding today I felt so lost and hopeless. 

Ah, motherhood. It sure ain't always easy, is it?!

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  1. So real. So true. Yes, Little Logan did that to me the other day. Over something crazy too. Ears bleeding indeed. Toddlers make you second guess parenting and its significance in the world today. lol... but then, they say something cute, and you melt.

    I swear, it is a mechanism in the female brain... and it makes you not give them away.

    Love and {{{hugs}}}



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