Wednesday, January 15, 2014

14/365 And We Are Go!

We left Rome this morning. A 7am bus. An 8am train. 

By lunchtime we found ourselves in Malpensa, to the north of Milan. Ready to fly in the morning. Out of Milan. Out of Europe... Goodbye London, Oxford, Carbis Bay, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Bern, Lucca, Florence and Rome. Sob. You will all be missed!

As Australan citizens we have been constrained to a maximum of three months in the Schzengen / European Zone - the month we spent in the UK didn't count - and sadly tomorrow is D-day.

These next few weeks will however be full of amazing contrasts as we travel from  Milan - Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Bangkok - Singapore - Bali - Sydney - Gold Coast - and... home.

That list still seems completely surreal to me but, deep breath, we're ready. Bring it on. X

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