Friday, January 3, 2014

2/365 Growing up

My darling Hug,

In many ways these months on the road have been both the hardest and the sweetest of days. We are a family of four strong personalities; living and learning and playing and travelling together with a unique intensity. Life can be messy.

But I wouldn't change it for anything... Spending these days with you is an immense privilege. Every day I catch a glimpse of you, like this one, your beautiful face under that trademark shock of hair and am reminded how big you are getting.

How your need for independance and autonomy is building. But that you still need care and compassion and understanding. And love. I hope I can find the grace to both hold you and release you. Already I know I won't be perfect in this task. Possibly not even great, no matter how much I might want to be. I notice myself starting to fixate so I adjust my bearings... It's not about me. 

It's about you my sweet boy. Your life is unfolding.

And I love you so much.

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