Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mapping The World with Art and Montessori Links

Yesterday turned out to be a big day of mapping around here. 
Hug wanted to draw a map of Europe using our Montessori Continent Puzzles which got me all excited (throwing out our scheduled Craft afternoon). I printed out a blackline master for him to label his map as he went. 

edit : A reader has pointed out that Hug has incorrectly labeled his map with Yugoslavia - which no longer exists. This happens when you have a second hand set of *old* continent maps which came with the country names actually written on the back of each piece. Whoops.

Then we completed the 3rd drawing activity from Mapping The World with Art, which tied right into both our study of Ancient Greece AND our travel plans for modern-day Greece. Yay! 

We played the video files on my mac. So cool being able to pause and rewind as necessary.
I pulled out the travel guides to add some extra details to mine :) 
Hug also drew and labelled two maps of Australia. 
While Lovely spent ages pouring over the rather tricky African puzzle, colouring each country on the blackline map in colours to match our Nienhuis puzzles as he fit in each piece. I love how kids choose to approach tasks sometimes :)

Here are a few links to other mainly-Montessori-inspired geography activities on my blog:

I also like this site for printing maps :) 

What have you been enjoying at your place? x

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  1. I love the idea of this activy but... :) Since I am from Europe I couldn't help noticing Yugoslavia next to Italy and Austria. It doesn't exist anymore.

  2. Hi Zoe! Oh my, you are totally right. Thanks so much for pointing that out - Whoops.

    At first, I couldn't work out HOW that had happened - Yugoslavia is, obviously, not on the blackline master I had provided him. Weird... So, I pulled out the actual map and remembered that our maps (being handed down to us from a Montessori school) are very old AND that someone has written the country names on the back of each piece at some stage. I didn't know that Hug was actually checking the pieces not the blackline master when he labeled it. Case solved. Thanks so much for pointing it out :) x


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