Friday, November 23, 2012

Horsing Around

We hit the paddocks last week for a day of horsemanship. 

There were also lots of new homeschooling families to get to know. It's really exciting to expand our horizons and find new pockets of homeschoolers just outside our region.
The kids learnt about different breeds, colours, safety, types of riding (dressage, country, racing, jumping etc.), grooming, commands, tacking, riding and then finally feeding and caring for the horses. And lots more. They definitely know way more about horses than me now. smile. 
Hug was a little disappointed that they didn't get a proper trail ride like the last time we hung out with horses. He loved that ride. But what I really appreciated about this day was the respect that the horses were given. It was like they really wanted the kids to understand the art of horse whispering. It was lovely to watch.
I took two very tired, very happy boys home. Result. Happy horsey days :)

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