Thursday, November 15, 2012

How do you like your coffee?

I take great pleasure in having my morning coffee. 

While the kids get started with their maths work at the kitchen table, I barist. There's something about good coffee that makes everything feel right. And, for me, it's the one special thing I do for myself each morning that reminds me of the person I am aside from homeschoolin' mama. You know, that cosmopolitan girl who goes to cafés to read the newspaper and people-watch or to share pastries with her best girlfriends. That girl who stops to buy flowers and has a great pedicure. I am not often that girl, because the reality of homeschooling is that it's really consuming. But she is part of me, and my morning coffee is homage to her existence :)

What's your special daily ritual? and... how do you like your coffee? x

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