Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Treehouse

Hello And HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to Adventures Of a Rainbow Mama 2012.

Well our exciting news is that we're almost "officially" home-schoolers here at Rainbow HQ. We have an assessor from the Board of Studies coming to confirm our registration next Monday. Not that we haven't been doing this is various forms for the past 8 years! But this is certainly a landmark for us.

I plan on blogging a lot more regularly this year. What about you? I've been busy with my head buried in a lot of cool books & blogs; getting very inspired.

I also have bunches of photos I want to go through & post. A lot of cool activities that we did last year never got shared. So we'll do that too.

But first here are few stolen moments from last Sunday.
Treehouse building.
3 generations.
In the rain.
Very sweet.
Hopefully it might be finished this weekend... :)


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  1. So glad you'll be posting more! can't wait to see! Happy New Year from Greece! xo


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