Thursday, January 19, 2012

Serendipitous Candy Cane ice-cream & other delights

We accidentally created a new family tradition this year.

I had this day-dream of a ribbon stretched across the entrance way with big candy canes hanging from it. For all of the children, cousins included, to drool over in the week up to Christmas. So I hung it and it looked divine. But... in my enthusiasm I didn't secure the ribbon well enough for it to take the weight of the canes and with one all mighty *crash* we had ourselves a huge collection of shattered Candy Canes. Boo!

Enter the serendipity.

Why not create a smush-in?!

1. Put worse-for-wear Candy Canes in a ziplock & smash them up even more with a rolling pin. Keep some chunky bits for good measure.
2. Mix into a bowl of good quality vanilla ice-cream.
3. Serve on Christmas Day. Yum!

We also mixed some of the ice-cream with milk and created Zoku ice-blocks after Christmas. We love our Zoku maker here btw. It's brilliant.

So that's ice-cream. And serendipity. And now, here's a few links I wanted to share from the past few weeks. Enjoy! x


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+ Beauty that moves


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