Saturday, July 24, 2010

Artistic Inspiration

Last week after we got home from our trip we had a few days to enjoy the city-life before school went back & I decided I was brave enough to face a day at the Art Gallery  ;)

It was the BEST decision ever. LOVED. 

The boys were AMAZiNG... We were there for almost 5 hours. Probably in the Paths to Abstraction exhibition for at 3 of those! The gallery provided a Kids Trail activity booklet & the boys threw themselves into these with all their heart & soul.

Earnestly observing & interpreting this iNSPiRED collection of art. I adore these images of them sprawled across the gallery floor completely unaware of the people around them. Immersion 101.

It was one of my favourite days ever. Granted, I was definitely a little frazzled at the end of it from containing their vibrant boy-ancy ;) but it was so worth it. 

Interestingly it was Lovely - who i don't usually see involving himself in artistic pursuits as much as Hug  - who was the most enamored with his own creations. More LOVE!

I had to promise Hug that we would go back as soon as possible & hire the kids audio guides 4 the general collection but between a planned return to Cockatoo Island for the Sydney Biennale (Amazing! We took the boys when it first opened & I'll try & post about it next wek) & a meet-up with friends to see this exhibition (below) I don't think it will be this weekend. Soon.

The Cell commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation and presented in association with Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, is a hypnotic, immersive, large-scale installation.  A 12.5-metre by six-metre inflatable decorated both inside and out with Wiradjuri-op designs, The Cell requires viewers to don a patterned costum before crawling via a tunnel into its patterned, cushioned interior.

Dressing up 2 crawl through a tunnel 2 an internal jumping castle?? Now, THAT'S what we call ART! 

p.s. If I was in NYC (oh, sweet dreams!) I would be going 2 see Big Bambรบ at the Met. Amaze. Unfortunately that's not going 2 happen but luckily we can watch this youtube video instead :)

Goodnight lovely people. I hope life is treating you kindly. x

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