Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dealing with Conflict

Hug & Lovely are great brothers. They honestly adore each other. But there are certainly lots of moments in our day to day lives where you just wouldn't know it. Fights erupt out of nowhere & people feelings are hurt. I know that it's the story of a million - a billion! - brothers around the world but it can be hard to watch when it's your own children.

So I appreciated reading this new blog post on today entitled 'Break it Up & Break it Down'.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that we need to be the voice of calm amid a tumultuous storm and look at each of these moments as a true learning opportunity. Learning to deal with people is hard. It's hard as an adult! - & it's especially hard if you are only 4 - but it is within the safe cocoon of our own families that our children will learn the skills that they will carry for a lifetime.

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  1. Great post today (and thank you for the link)

    My daughters fight daily but they're also best friends. As an only child, parenting two sisters is quite a learning experience for me. I used to think you should just let your kids work it out on their own but after having my own, I realized that is kind of a Lord of the Flies approach to parenting -- they really do need our help learning how to navigate perceived injustices, hurt feelings, and big emotions.

    (pink and green mama)

  2. Hi Pink & Green Mama :)

    I think you are right both ways. We do need 2 let them work it out - but by using the skills we provide & model for & with them.

    It's not easy for us either! I certainly don't always get it right ;)

    BTW, i love your name & follow u on FB. x


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