Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wild Rose | Weleda Wonder & the Kindness of Strangers

When I was twelve I won a life-size plush Care Bear in an IcyPole competition. Aaaaaand, I'm pretty sure I haven't won anything since. 

That is - until now! 

It appears that my good luck has finally returned in the form of this gorgeous Weleda prize from Katie at Musings of a Chic Mama. Lucky much? ;)

Thank you Katie! Katie's blog is lovely so I shouldn't have been surprised by the extra touches of sweet wrapping and uber-cute card but I did appreciate them. Everyone likes unwrapping a present :)

Katie is the mama of 2 beautiful kids and a self-confessed lover of tea, travel, books, Montessori, Steiner and alternative education, interior design and architecture! Hello! This perfect stranger sounds just like the makings of a perfect friend.

I think you'll love her blog so please take a look (and tell her I sent you ;) I'm off to take a shower! XO

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