Monday, August 26, 2013

The Importance of Keeping Mama Well | Juice-Healing

If you follow me on FB or instagram you will probably know that I'm doing a 5-day liquid cleanse at the moment.

On the back of taking care of my poorly boys (even T came home from a work trip to Melbourne with a cold) I started to feel a bit average.

Mama isn't allowed to get sick!! (says me and I'm guessing all mamas worldwide).

I ended up in bed one afternoon at 3pm. Slept 11 hours. And woke up the next morning knowing that some serious juice-healing was in order.

I'd already been dabbling. But, with our big trip looming closer by the day, I felt like I needed to shift things fast. A facebook friend had been raving about a cleanse she was doing with Gemma at Naked Treaties in Byron Bay & even though my intention was healing not detox per say I just felt it was right & immediately committed to their 5-day Cleanse.

So, how do I feel now?

Well, tonight I'm 4 days down, rather pleased with myself to be honest, and feeling brilliant! I have been drinking 2 green juices, 2 ├╝ber-pumped dairy-free smoothies and a raw soup each day. Day 1 I was still feeling a bit blerk and didn't notice the lack of food too much. Day 2 I was pretty hungry and looked forward to each drink with gusto! About the same for day 3 and today I didn't actually have all 5 serves (but have been drinking lots of water) because I was busy and - amazingly! - not very hungry.

The last time I did a detox (about 6 months ago) I experienced bad side-effects. A killer migraine and really painful sciatica. And I REALLY noticed the caffeine & sugar withdrawals. Yuck.

But it's been a much smoother ride this time and I can only assume that the mega-nutrient-hit of good juice; vegetable-dense to balance out the fruit and organic with a bunch of additional nutrients thrown in (to the smoothies) like raw cacao and macca, has been the secret.

Everyone else is finally getting better too. T joined me on juices over the weekend and the boys slurped at will. Lovely seems pretty well now (hooray!). Hug is the last one to recover and is still not a hundred percent unfortunately but my fingers are crossed he feels more like himself when he wakes up.

And I'm back on board with the energy I need to get us ready to go! 3 weeks and counting!!
What are your favourite mama-healing remedies? x

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