Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcoming Autumn (Art with Kids)

This is obviously a bit of a catch-up post but I didn't want to abandon these sweet photos so please forgive me :)

I wanted to show you some of the completely gorgeous art created by the boys and their friends.

Four children and the wonderful E (who teaches art at one of the local Steiner schools) met at our house every second Tuesday last term to create just this sort of magic. Mostly I left them alone, but I couldn't help but slip in on their final lesson to document it.

Welcome Autumn.
Wet-on-wet watercolour painting.

While the paper soaked in water for a few minutes E held court telling a story that would blend with the artwork as the lesson unfolded.

Creative. Inspiring. Freeing. Oh, and fun. The boys really enjoyed having their out-of-school-time friends joining them for a change.

 Paintings complete it was time to work with Chalk Pastels.

The subtle variations of a common thread.

And now our house is filled with the glow of autumn even as winter steps ever closer...

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  1. How wonderful. Those pictures would be lovely to look at on a daily basis hanging somewhere. :)

  2. Hi Amber, this looks so amazing. Do your boys go for special Waldorf art lessons? Or was this when they were in school?

    I just love how she uses the colour. I'm waffling through wet on wet in Grade 1 with my boy.

    1. Hello! We had a Steiner art teacher come to our home. She would hold an hour class for a max of 4 children for $60. We originally were doing it by ourselves but then 2 of the boy's public-schooled friends joined us. We stopped when we were saving for our trip and the 2 other kids actually continued the lessons at another parents home! Even though we did have the supplies to do wet-on-wet and other Steiner inspired art at home I found that these classes really brought it to life. I'm thinking that we will start again later in the year :) Is there a Steiner school in your area? Maybe you might be able to organise something similar? x


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