Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Adventures of Trim (and Matthew Flinders)

I only scheduled a dash of Australian history into this year.

We were working through Our Sunburnt Country last year. Now, as our travels draw closer, our focus has turned to World History and the Great Artists and learning French!

But I digress.

I didn't want to completely ignore Australia. So I included a book recommended by Jeanne at A Peaceful Day (*waving hello*) in her Australianised AO2 list: Trim by Matthew Flinders.

I was surprised to find a copy of this quaint old book in our own public library system.

The story of a brave, seafaring cat who, in the company of Matthew Flinders, circumnavigated the globe in the years 1799-1804 
To the memory of Trim, the best and most illustrious of his Race, the most affectionate of friends, faithful of servants, and best of creatures. He made a Tour of the Globe, and a voyage to Australia, which he circumnavigated; and was ever the delight and pleasure of his fellow voyagers. Returning to Europe in 1803, he was shipwrecked in the Great Equinoxial Ocean; This danger escaped, he sought refuge and assistance at the Isle of France, where he was made prisoner, contrary to the laws of Justice, of Humanity, and of French National Faith; and where, alas! He terminated his useful career; by an untimely death, being devoured by the Catophago of that island. Many a time have I beheld his little merriment′s with delight, and his superior intelligence with surprise: Never will his life be seen again! Trim was born in the Southern Indian Ocean, in the Year 1799, and perished as above at the Isle of France in 1804. 
Peace be to his shade, and Honour to his memory

It's rather short so we were finished within a few weeks. And that was that. We planned to leave Australian History until our return next year. And then L discovered something... The Mostly True Story of Matthew and Trim. A graphic novel. His favourite!

It's the best thing ever when your child comes running to you, full of excitement, about something new they've discovered all by themselves that ties into something else you've been learning! Layers. Rabbit trails. Building connections. Love.

So we were back in!

What have you been learning about? Do tell :)x

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  1. Just awesome. I'm sure the things they discover on their own will be vivid in their minds for a long time. :)

  2. That's the heart of it all don't you think!


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