Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Florida parcel

Lovely and I had fun this afternoon! This morning I just wasn't feeling good :( & I thought that it would be better if I didn't try to do anything structured with him.

But when he woke up from his nap we sat down together and the parcel-things that C had sent from Florida were sitting by us so we chose one of the books to read. The "Children Around the World" one. And then he ran and got the panda book (Panda Bear, Panda Bear illustrated by Eric Carle) from last night and we read that also. When we got to the Macaroni penguin we stopped and looked at all of the penguin figurines to see which one was most like the one in the book ... then Lovely grabbed the Panda puppet C had sent and we talked about bears and thought of the different types of bears we could think of. Panda bears, Koala bears, brown bears (& we collected the figurine) and then L said "Polar Bear" & ran to get his Polar bear figurine :) also finding a leopard to match to the Children of the World book. It was great.

I said that we should look pull out all of the different bear books that we have and we sat down at the kids bookcase together but he pulled out the new space book I had recently bought & then ran & got the "Jobs people do" book that she had sent with the astronaut on the cover! So while I compiled bear books he looked through them & then while studying one particular photo of an astronaut in all of his cool gear we noted that he had an American flag on his suit. L said "Aussie" - by which he meant 'flag' I think! So, I explained that it *was* a flag, but not ours - it was the American flag - and was then able to go and get our new American flag!!

How cool is that. Finally he moved onto "Hug" with Bobo the chimpanzee and we were able to find a figurine to go with that also. So, actually it ended up being a great learning day & I realised that we really do have quite a few resources now. Thanks our new Floridian friends:)

So, a day that started out pretty shoddy and turned out good. Bravo Lovely.

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