Saturday, February 15, 2014

46/365 Eat

Dreamy-creamy gluten-free fettuccine with pan-fried salmon and zucchini (it rhymes! err, sort of).

This was my go-to meal when we were staying in (I WANT to say "living in" - hee-hee;) Paris. It's super-easy, delicious and the entire family loved it so they were happy to see it resurrected back home. I'm rather random in the kitchen. I might google something to get a general idea but then I freewheel it... which is great - until you want to cook it again! Lol.

But this is what I did last night:

* Gently panfry your salmon fillets (I bought mine fresh, pre-boned and skinless but the skin is yummy too) in a tablespoon of butter. I used 2 fillets or a little over 500g for 6 people. Turn as you go.

* Boil a pot of water, adding your pasta of choice when it's ready. Cook as directed. We used the San-Remo gluten-free fettuccine last night but Hug tells me that I was using Penne in Paris. Who knew?! ;) Oh, and it obviously doesn't need to be gluten free. 

* Remove your salmon from the heat when the centre of the fillets is still a little pink and set aside, leaving the butter in the pan.

* Add a couple of fat-sliced zucchinis to the pan. The secret here is the butter that is now all salmon-y and yum but add some chopped garlic and plenty of salt too. Cook these babies until they're golden and seared (I like the almost black around the edges but only do that if you like that BBQ-esque touch). Remove from pan.

* I actually forgot this step but its nice to softly-fry a red onion to kick-off the sauce. I served it raw on the side instead which was a nice touch for a Summer meal.

* Next up is the sauce (same pan): 1 carton of thickened cream, bring to a light boil and add pesto to taste. Let it thicken a little and then remove from heat. Season as needed. Flake and add the salmon. 

* Hopefully your pasta is magically ready about the same time! Drain and stir in prepared sauce. 

* Voila! Serve with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil. Roast the cherry tomatoes if you're cooking it in Winter. Yum. Hug refuses to eat zucchini (madness!) so I serve it separately and the rest of us zucchini-lovers can pile it up on top of our own. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of this yumminess. Maybe I can add a pic next time. 

What are your fave go-to meals? x

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