Monday, September 16, 2013

Packing Family-Friendly Travel Snacks

Arriving into Abu Dhabi airport at midnight with two snackish children in tow, I was relieved to not be reliant on the questionable options on offer. Having a child with special dietary needs (Lovely is glute-free) is occasionally a good thing for everyone. Namely when Mama has packed snacks :)

Dry roasted almonds. Yum. Substitute with any nuts of choice for an easy protein hit. We also stopped at Burger King for water, and T may or may not have purchased fries. Cough. #notpartofmyhealthyplanning!

While aimed at the baby 'market' I personally think these handy sachet-style snacks are a good travel option for everyone. This Bircher Muesli is gluten-free and filled hungry bellies.

Corn Crunch. While I usually try to minimize packaging by steering away from individually wrapped serves, there are moments in life when it does make things easier. Like not asking jet-lagged children to share. 

My boys don't like these Raw Food bars as much as I do (yum) but I think they're a great pick-me-up for weary travellers.

Obviously, when you're flying you don't want to bring more than you'll eat in transit or you risk having to declare it with customs at your final destination. But having a few decent snacks on hand is always a good thing. If I'm packing snacks for a road or train trip I'll generally also include fresh fruit and crudités, plus maybe hummus and some crackers.

What are your family's favourite travel snacks? 

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