Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brutalist Architecture and Character Development: a juxtaposition

I mentioned yesterday that we went to the Children's and Young Adult Writer's & Illustrator's (CYA) workshops and conference in Brisbane over the weekend. CYA is aimed at both emerging and established writers and illustrators.

I'll put myself and the boys in the emerging category :)

Tagging along with T who was presenting we were delighted to get to sit in on some of the action.

Can I just stop here to say that I am a bit obsessed with severe architectural design at the moment. 

Alongside the Queensland Art Gallery, Museum and Performing Arts Centre (as well as the National Gallery in Canberra) I have now discovered the beauty of the Brisbane TAFE building where the conference was held. Love. Please indulge me and my love of concrete walls and stairwells.

Wikipedia wants to call in Brutalist Architecture. If you must. Although, that sounds a little brutal perhaps. Ah hum. Where was I? Ahhh, yes...

In an art studio. 
Listening to Judy Horacek give a masterclass on Cartoons and Characters. Fun!

Lovely and Hug were the only kids in this session but they really enjoyed it. 

Judy got us all doing quick 2 minutes sketches and then fleshing out characters.
"I want a gorilla. I want an ice cream. I want a cat called Mr Whiskers" (says one of  L's little guys).

Can a stack of art paper be brutalist? I think so. 

While I was distracted by the little details around me, Hug was absorbed in the serious business of cartooning.

Draw an angry face. (This is too cute)

In the afternoon the boys attended another character development session - this time with author illustrator James Foley -  that utilised sketching and paper clay modelling. Hug was thrilled to head home with some original sketches James kindly gave him. Apparently they bonded over a love of Asterix.

Meanwhile, I went to see Jackson Pearce talk about Social Media.

It was a nice change from life-with-munchkins to be in a room full of people interested in talking about blogging and facebook and twitter.  An American YA author, Jackson Pearce had flown in for the conference. Apparently she was looking for her socks ;) and she had lots of insight into the art of forging a successful social media profile. You can follow her sock adventures on twitter. Do.

Eventually it was time to go fight some invisible Star Wars baddies (I gather from the pose that's what Hug is doing here. Paper tube = instant light saber. Of course.)

We had had a great day.
Four happy, tired people. Freshly inspired by character, art and architecture.
With a social media buzz. 

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  1. Fantastic photos and so glad you and the boys enjoyed yourselves.

    Great to meet you!


  2. Lovely to meet you too Sam! Thank you for having us. x

  3. Great post Amber! Amazing photos too...! Love your work! Good to see your children getting right into it!
    I've written a piece about it all too, from a writers' perspective

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