Monday, April 8, 2013


It can be tricky to find somewhere to eat a proper, healthy meal when you're away from home as a gluten-free (and partially dairy-free) family.

So I thought I might give a shout out to one of the rare places that we can all eat at and all like. Grill'd.

Something else particularly cool about Grill'd (menu options aside) is their charitable spirit. When you buy a meal you get given a token which you deposit into one of 3 glass jars. Each jar represents a charity. At the end of each month the charity with the most 'votes' receives a $300 donation with the other two charities getting $100 each.

When we ate at their Brisbane restaurant last week our vote went to the Cherish Women's Cancer Foundation.

My heart sang to watch my boys give our token but it was a particularly bittersweet song and unfortunately two days later we received the sad news that a member of our extended family had lost her battle with a form of gynecological cancer. I know our donated token is only a drop in the deep blue ocean but I still think it's important and I applaud Grill'd for making giving an important part of their business model.

And for making kick-ass burgers.

T is obsessed with the Field of Dreams mega mushroom burger.

I was Mustard and Pickled!

The kids got cute activity books which bought us an extra few minutes silence. Phew ;)

 How are your kids learning about giving? I'd love to hear. x

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  1. What a great place to eat and tbe charity token.idea is brilliant. My son Bodie who as I mentioned before has CKD and has learnt about giving from a young age from organ donation, blood banks chairty shop and cards at christmas etc etc.
    Enjoy those.burgers again soon :)

  2. Hi Emma,
    It's an important message isn't it. I'm glad that you can see some positivity borne out of Bodie's experiences. Hugs. xx


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