Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spring Fair

My eldest son started kindergarten at a Steiner school. It's just down the road (okay, it's a 15 minute drive - but we are in Australia. So, let's say it's just down the road. Lol.)

I find myself getting a little sentimental every year when the school Spring Fair rolls around.

It's the colour.

And the sweetness.

And the sense of community.

The simple beauty.

And the magic.

As we start the last week of Term 3 I feel the pull towards the artistic. The colourful. The beautiful. I think there will be more music. More art. More handcrafting next term. We don't need to 'be there' to capture that magic. I am wise enough to know that now. So, instead I feel inspired. And grateful.

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  1. Hi Amber,
    How are you finding the Steiner Kindergarten for your son?
    My husband and I are considering moving soon ( closer to the beach - currently 2 hours away) in QLD and would love some recommendations or either Montessori or Steiner schools. Between sunshine coast down to Gold Coast.

  2. Hello Kate :)

    Hug did 2 years in a Steiner school. Both boys did Steiner playgroup. Lovely did two years of Steiner Family Day Care and half a year of kindergarten (all in NSW).

    I do love so many things about Steiner. Yet, still, it isn't the right fit for us. The same for Montessori really (though if I had had the opportunity to send my kids to a Montessori school I definitely would have). Not only does each philosophy have it's on own feel and approach, each school (and child) has their own style.

    So, I think it's hard to recommend any particular school. However, I *have* spent a bit of time looking at the southern Queensland Montessori options and have liked the ones I've visited:

    * Brisbane Montessori School -
    * Montessori International College, Buderim -
    * Caboolture Montessori School -

    There are a few Steiner options in south QLD but I haven't researched them. They are:

    * Noosa Pengari Steiner -
    * Samford Valley Steiner, outside of Brisbane -

    There's also an independant school near Brisbane called Silkwood which used to be a Steiner school that might be worth looking at:

    I hope these links might give you a good start :) Good luck with your decision!

    p.s. I here's a link to a post I wrote about the Yin and Yang of Montessori and Steiner with some interesting comments:



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