Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Download | Olympics Medal Count Chart

I have designed a simple Olympics Medal Chart that I want to share with you! I couldn't find what I wanted online so I made one. You can download the (2 page) file here.

Keep a daily watch on the medal table here at the official Olympics site. The 2 page chart allows space for 11 countries to be ranked - if your country isn't in the top 10 you will probably want to include it also.

How I used it: 
+ We printed these medals (at 40%) to place over the boxes that say gold/silver/bronze and then I had each boy write his own column title to personalise it. Each page was laminated and then the two pages taped together (bottom of first to top of the second). Obviously laminating isn't a necessary step but we haven't had ours for long so it's still a bit exciting ;)

+ Next, I printed out mini flags to be coloured in. This is a great site that has printable flags from lots of countries, I clicked on each of the day's top ranking countries which takes you to a page where you can print a colouring page of the flag (Eg. clicking on Australia takes you here and then you choose the colouring page) - I printed one of these for each child at 25% to fit into the chart. I found that Kazakhstan (included in the chart on day 2) was missing so I googled and found one here (printed at 50%).

+ My boys researched the flag colours (either on wikipedia on my iPad) or on the World Map we have in our learning space *cough* kitchen. Once coloured, they cut out each little flag and wrote the proper country name and IOC country code on the reverse.

+ We have to finish our flag making this morning. I'll laminate these too & then we will attach them to the chart in current-day ranking with blu-tak (no idea what you call this outside of Australia!) and write each country's medal amounts in the appropriate box with a wipeable marker. Once set up, the boys can check the scores each morning and keep their own charts up to date.

+ Once the Olympics are over we will collate the final data and create some information graphs!

I'll post some photos as soon as ours are done. I hope you find use for them too! X

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  1. What a great idea and the design is really good and attractive. I have read your blog, one thing is very impressive that is you support to your country.

  2. Hi,

    Saw your post on the Gold Coast Homeschooling facebook page and have come over to have a look.
    I have followed you here and on your facebook page. Looks like your having great adventures.


    From or

  3. Why, thank you Stacey! I followed your blog a few days back & now your fb page. Looking forward to 'getting to know you' :)


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