Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well, the holidays are over! And I didn't get any of the blogging done that I had planned. Oh well! 

We did have lots of fun... a jam-packed first week with special friends visiting from Melbourne and family staying too. Busy fun.

Week 2 started with a trip to Seaworld and then followed with a rainy week staying on the Gold Coast. It was a shame about the rain but it did mean we got involved in a few homeschool group activities; rollerskating and then a play-centre meetup. 

We got home in time to have a rare lazy weekend at home. Dreamy!
What did you do over the holidays? x

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  1. I had a bunch of blog posts planned for my 3 week vacation and I didn't do any! It was great to relax though :)

  2. Yes, it's always so much easier to *think* about blogging than actually doing it. Lol :)

  3. The holidays seem like a distant dream now. We are already gearing up for the next lot! I have enjoyed browsing round your blog. Thank you for having me. Introduced by Jeanne in her post this morning.

  4. Hello Ruby! Yes, i can't believe we're heading to the end of term 3!!! Wow...


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