Friday, June 29, 2012

In the swim

As term 2 draws to a close I have that funny feeling that we're finally back in the swim.

On the last day! Lol. This week has been a fun week :) 

I've needed to become more flexible and release some of my scheduling, and it's really worked. It's almost as if we burnt out early this term, took a really deep breath & dived back in... only to surface and get into a nice rhythm just as it's time to stop.

But that's the way of the world sometimes! I'd rather be ending this term with a happy heart than a fractious one. So here we are. Officially half way through our first year at home (all) together. Wow. 

We have a busy week of catch ups with friends and cousins next week and then a week away. It's a 2 week break. But I'd like to put up a post reflecting on the work we've done this year so far, a look at my plans for term 3, our New England roadtrip details & hopefully a post about our recent trip to Sydney too. Oh, and I'm participating in A Neighbourhood Walk Around The World with JoJoEbi on July 5 so look forward to lots of posts from me :)

How are you spending your holidays? x

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