Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Getty Museum: Art Cards and Resources

When I was in LA about a year and a half ago I visited the J. Paul Getty Museum. It's an amazing building in a spectacular location with some really great art... and a brilliant store! Lol. I looooove museum and gallery stores ;)

I bought a set of Getty Museum Art Cards for Lovely & Hug but put them away on my return and got them out for the first time recently - only to discover that the cards are SO beautiful. I also bought the book Going to the Getty among other things.

Each card is well titled (with the name of the artwork, the artist and the year it was produced) and a "matching" card which is a very small detail of the original painting. 

As you can see from the image above it's quite a sophisticated matching game but something that I think would be universally appealing for kids with their amazing eye for detail.

There are also many opportunities for extension work - creating a timeline of the artworks or grouping the works into artistic genres are a few that come to mind. 

Here are links to some cool art resources on the Getty website:

Getty Games (interactive art puzzles)
Art Scoops (for parents and kids to explore together)
A Timeline: Four Centuries of Perspective
Make a Bookmark (pdf)
Visit the Getty Museum on Whyville (interactive)
Making Art (videos)

What are your favourite ways to learn about art?

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  1. I love this resource and post -- thank you! I, too, enjoy museums, and I try to take my children to them once in a while just so they can appreciate (as they watch me appreciate). I'm so excited to use some of these resources. Thanks again.


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