Monday, June 27, 2011

Decisions. Decisions.

Speaking of time flying - it's been a month since I last posted! Ker-azy.

The responses to my Montessori | Steiner post had an unexpectedly huge impact on me and have sent me on a huge journey of re-assessment and self-contemplation.

But the most amazing bit is that I'm looking at the options for getting my Montessori qualifications! Which has turned out to be exceedingly confusing and scary & exciting all at the same time.

I'd love to get some feedback and hear your personal insights. I'll try & write more tomorrow about what the options look like :)

Yay! A. x

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  1. I recommend you make sure it's MACTE approved first off. Second if it's something you want for personal home use....go with Karen Tyler's Montessori Marketplace. She's AMAZING. She's a former AMI or AMS gal. She's a progressive Montessorian which means she won't flip out and declare you're not Montessori if your Pink Tower is left natural or if you use sticks to make your spindles. :) Oh...and's only like 150$ for HER stuff. I HIGHLY recommend her. You'll love her and do the face paced so you're done in a year versus two. She's respected and has had another company approach her but she's so pro Homeschool she kept it affordable to mommas like us. She does monthly payments or all in one for the 150 although the price may have gone up.

    If you have any questions about her program (150$)or NAMC(5000$) please holler 'cause I'm certified with both of them.


  2. Hi Amber. Wow can't wait to hear more. Although I haven't commented or posted on the whole waldorf/montessori thing I think about it a great deal. Today was my first day of an AMI Montessori Assistants program I'm taking and it was AMAZING! I highly recommend actually going to a trainer if you can it's so much better than books. Also the great thing is there is a Waldorf trained teacher taking the course and I'm totally pickig her brain. Can't wait to hear her opinion as the course progresses!

  3. Ah, YESSSSS! This sounds like a wonderful path for you. You should go "Friend" my friend Elizabeth at The Bare Midriff blog - she's an AMI trained Montessori teacher who can share her insights with you (and truly, she is one of the best teachers!) Her blog is lovely too - a healthy and tasty adventure towards health - lovely.
    Good luck on your journey, it's all good! PS: I just love stopping by your blog - it's always such a visual treat. And I just love that sandwich but he's so cute I wouldn't want to eat him!

  4. I got my Infant/Toddler training with NAMC. I enjoyed the experience, it's self-paced (with a few deadlines), interaction with a mentor, and I love the albums.

    I'm looking to further my training for 3-6 as my oldest is quickly approaching that age. I'd love a traditional program, but the closest is 1-2 hours away.

    I'm considering NAMC again although it is a big chunk of change. I've looked into Karen Tyler's program as an option too.

  5. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm ladies :)

    Honey (LOVE your name btw. If we had had a girl I would have wanted to call her Honey!) - Yes! I did do some of Karen Tyler's course about 5 years ago. I have at least 3 full folders from her & really liked it :)

    About a girl - Congratulations on starting your course! You must be so thrilled & I'm *fascinated* to hear more about how your Waldorf-trained colleague finds it.

    Ado - Thank you! Lovely made that sandwich and... he definitely ate it! Lol. I have subscribed to Elizabeth's blog on your suggestion. Thanks! Does she ever blog about her classroom experiences?

    Jessica - I am interested in learning more about NAMC. I should look into it further. Thanks.

    These are all great ideas. My instinct is to actually get recognised Montessori Teacher qualifications as I really can see myself working in a Montessori environment. But there are hurdles, primarily geographic and financial ones, which I will elaborate on further when I find the time to finish writing my next post! Eeeek ;)

  6. Ooooh! I am intrigued! Looking forward to hearing more!
    Tracey xx

  7. I am also trained in NAMC. I wrote a comparison of KTs class and NAMC on my blog. Please email me as Id like to share.

  8. Hi honey!
    I'd love to email u but can't find your e address on your blog :)

    So I'll give u mine:


    P.s. Your daughters name is Sunshine? I seriously ADORE that! alongside Honey my other main girls name was Summer - but Sunshine is even better :) x


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