Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Morning! Good Morning!

T will be home this afternoon!!! He's been away on his Bali trip for 8 days & we can't wait to see him.

The boys & I ate blueberry porridge for breakfast, then Hug started on his first collage. Lovley enjoyed discovering new pencils and crayons from our shed salvage.

We read: "Little School" and "Cars" a classic old Golden Book.
And now, I'm home... both boys at school.

What to do? 

I had a hot shower & tidied myself up so I look sweet for T :) 
I want to do a home blessing / finally clear all the piles for the shed that have accumulated in our room / Maybe cook some banana muffins with all of our ripe bananas from mama / try to organise a Lasagna for dinner tonight /send invoice / Organise my Montessori stuff for the meeting tomorrow / Finish my Continent Box swap packages... 

Lets see how much I can do!

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