Tuesday, July 1, 2014

181/365 My Firstborn Son.

My sweet boy. My firstborn son. 

Not yet a man-child... but heading that way. You are such a funny animated kid. But when I capture you like this, all brown eyes and earnestness, my heart leans in just a little.

I love you.

You will never stop challenging me I know that much by now! But I also know that that is what parenting is all about - being challenged.

At first the challenge is how to keep the precious little bundle of venerable sweetness you find in your arms warm and fed and happy and alive! And then the challenge morphs and it's all about keeping cups of tea away table-edges and dog water-bowls out of reach. Then it becomes the challenge of choosing an education with your own unique personalities in mind.

And on life moves...

We are always reaching and stretching to accommodate the new challenges that we find in our paths. And the challenges are not just yours my darling boy. They are mine too. And daddy's. And every.single.person's.

They are life's challenges. Because that is what being alive is all about. Reaching. Growing. Changing. 

So, I'm just sitting here with a stream of Winter sunshine burning the back of my neck and saying some quiet words of gratitude to you. You brought me to life. Just as I brought you to life and I am slowly, ever-so-slowly, becoming a better person because of you. Thank you Buster.


How have life's challenges changed you for the better? What brought you to life? Please share your stories. Amber. XO

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