Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A mostly-gluten-and-dairy-free Easter!


Our lovely Lovely has been gluten-free and dairy-free since the start of last year.
Hence, we just survived* our second mostly-gluten-and-dairy-free Easter!

And this year - we are all gluten-free.

* I say survived because I L-O-V-E chocolate (and, full admission: I am the one who didn't do too well with the dairy-free part ;)

I was thrilled that Coles supermarkets were stocking gluten-free / dairy-free HOT CROSS BUNS this year !! It's often a challenge to find things that are both. We actually took some to the hotel we stayed at for Easter and toasted them in their toaster :) 

Lovely was very happy. #understatement

He has actually started doing dairy challenges (reintroducing small amounts of dairy) and has had success with butter (ie. no apparent reaction). So, he got to have butter on his hotties. Look at that smile.

The Easter bunny needs to get a bit creative for dairy-free kids. 

Last year our boys got toffee apples. 
This year, these beautiful ceramic mugs.  

Luckily, the Easter B. also found D/F + G/F Sweet William Easter Bunnies and the *super yummy* D/F + G/F Rocky Road from Rowie's Cakes

Mostly dairy-free. Yes, you can you see my wrappers. Whoops. Thanks breakfast buffet.

 What dietary modifications do you make in your household?

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  1. Looks like he liked his buns. We have to watch salt and protein with my eldest boy as he has chronic kidney disease and hyper tension after food poisoning in egypt at a hilton hotel.
    He can enjoy choc though :)

  2. Hi Amber, our Easter is mostly dairy free since our 7yr old is allergic (anaphylactic). This year I bought a mould and made eggs but they used SO MUCH CHOCOLATE it was really too much. It is really hard to find dairy free eggs. Next year I'm going to head to the wholefood store and get them there. Those mugs are super cute. I can just imagine them filled with almond milk hot chocolate ;o)

  3. yes GF here too and Easter is hard. Where did you get those lovely mugs from?

  4. Michele - the Easter Bunny says that the mugs were from Woolies believe it or not!

    Emma, your poor son :( I'm glad he can still eat chocolate though #itsthesweetthingsinlife :D

    Meg - I'm glad you *made* eggs (even if it was a lot of choc ;) - I haven't found dairy free eggs around here yet either.


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