Hello and welcome to Adventures of a Rainbow Mama.
My name is Amber Melody and I am the mama of two smart, sweet, creative and juicy-living boys.  
Buster B is 10 and Kingsley Tiger is 8.  My boys used to have different 'blog-names' - hello Lovely and Hug! - but I gave them those names when I first started blogging seven years ago and they were mere wee ones and it was time to change them. Le sigh. But Lovely and Hug they still are in my heart ;)

In a previous life I was a freelance designer working on magazines like Vogue and GQ in Sydney and London. Now I'm a homeschooling mama with her camera by her side. Photography is a true love.

I like enormous bowls of cherries, retractable pencils, vanilla-pistachio nougat, bunting and milky tea. And my boys. The two littles and the big papa-bear one, too. He is a writer and we call him T.

I consider myself an Eclectic Homeschooler. This blog started as Adventures of a Montessori Mama but soon outgrew the name. I am influenced by Maria Montessori but also by Charlotte Mason, Rudolph Steiner and more. We follow a Classical Education model with lots of creative extras and and we love to travel. We believe in the school-of-the-road. And books. And nature. And Lego.

I am a lover of celebration and a dreamer. I get lost in the details – reflections in a window, streetlights on a dark, wet road, a bubble floating across the blue sky.

But enough about me. Please introduce yourself (I love getting comments :) and let the adventures continue...

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