Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Shabby Chick Turns 40 in Style

It's not every day that your best-friend turns forty.

Mine did in February and I made sure that we were back from our travels and in Australia in time for her party :) A few techie problems have delayed this post but I'm all MacBook Pro-ed up now * squeee! * so here it finally is!

Claire is not only funny, smart and stupidly-beautiful (hashtag: goddess) she is also the genius behind her own successful online furniture business, The Shabby Chick.  

I told her she should put the (k) in brackets. She didn't listen to me. That's how we roll ;)

She has a stunning home that highlights her taste for beachy, shabby-chic with a modern edge just perfectly. Luckily for us she both held the party in her house and was happy for me to document it. Double-win.

That's her, above, with our boy Boston. She acted as foster-mama for me while we were away (Bossy came home this weekend) a role she excelled in like everything else she does. I flew into Sydney on the Friday night before the party and we celebrated quietly with Boston, Thai takeaway and Mo√ęt. As you do. 

The next day I was meant to wash the dog. I forgot ;) but we did hang fairy-lights, drink lots of coffee and before we knew it - it was time to get pretty. 

Not exactly hard when you're a #goddess. Smile.

And then the beautiful guests started arriving...

With lovely things.

Catering and bar/wait staff was provided by Art Kitchen who were fantastic. 

Nawwww. Puppy-love.

The guest of honour. Birthday-girl aside. 
Boston ended the night with fur-dreads from standing under dripping wax candles all night. He definitely  likes to be in the thick of a good party!

The staff questioned the open-plan kitchen + dog-fest to start but he quickly charmed them too.

Clairey and I.

And this is Karen, one of my oldest darling friends. Her and Claire both live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney and have got to know each other which is so cool. Love my friends becoming friends :)


And cake. Amen.

And that's where the night-time photos end. With the timely delivery of a cup of tea. Lol. It was a beautiful night...

... and a beautiful morning to wake up to. Piles of pretty things on pretty tables. 

My dress abandoned from the night before. 

Fab Shabby Chick cushions from Hampsons Homewares! Karen's thoughtful gift.

Dog-tired but happy. 

It was a magical night in a magical house for a magical girl. Happy birthday Claire! Let's do it all again in December when I turn 40... Eeeeeek! #39forever ;)

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