Wednesday, March 12, 2014

71/365 Daci and Daci Deliciousness

Our time running out in Hobart and ready for a sugar hit, we were torn between going to Daci & Daci as recommend by my sister-in-law (Hi KJ!) and Jackman and McRoss as recommended by my brother (Hi Monty!). Running out of time, Daci won. It was 3 minutes closer. Yes, sometimes we are that lazy ;) No, not really but we were stealing T away from his work so time was of the essence.

We were NOT disappointed.

Daci & Daci is my idea of heaven. French heaven. In Tasmania. Lordy!

Hug had a salted caramel chocolate cake. Lovely, a gluten-free chocolate meringue and mousse delight. T and I bargained to share one sweet / one savory. Our savory was an AMAZING pumpkin and goats cheese tart with pretty much the best savory pastry I have ever eaten. Insane.

I couldn't choose the sweet. Too many pretty things! Eventually, I offered T colours...  Brown? Pink? Green? And green it was :)


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