Monday, July 21, 2008

Snipping is fun!

I recently subscribed to the rss feed of My Montessori Journey and have really been enjoying her posts. This one this morning had me jump out of my seat and get creating straight away! Lovely is so proud of himself for being a real scissor using guy now and I'm sure he'll love these paper strips. He's been snipping around the edges of everything so having little strips to fully cut through should just be his cup of tea at the moment. 

Still-life from my coffee table. This is the work the boys abandoned this morning. I've taught them to use these sweet art mats so that surfaces are always protected & they found some junk mail to snip. The basket is for the scraps.

The freestyle patterns I drew, inspired by My Montessori Journey

Photocopied on coloured paper and thin card (I chose different weights so that the cutting would feel a little different each time)  and - voila! - the new paper snipping strips.

This was our colourful paper basket I recently put together on the art shelves

But I decided to present this work in it because it's a good size (have to find a new home for the other paper now). I've also added a plastic divided box that I got at a thrift shop last week. The different shapes and colours can then be sorted and stored in separate sections.

p.s. I just love Montessori! I just went to pack away the still-life (not very Montessori I *know* but they do pack away their own work most of the time - with reminders from mama - so I'm forgiving them this one:) and found a pile of Octogons! Hug had come into the kitchen this morning and shown me one but he's cut a whole stack. I guess that he learnt how to make them at school.

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