Thursday, September 4, 2014

246/365 Harry Potter + Alex Rider | Book Week 2014

We hadn't done "Book Week" before. 

But we were aware that it was a pretty big deal { T is a children's author after all } so the boys were pretty disappointed when their new school postponed it due to bad weather a few weeks back. Wahhh. 

Yesterday was the day when they finally got to show off their favourite characters. Hooray! 

Buster went as Kid Spy Alex Rider from the Anthony Horowitz books and Kingsley dressed up as Harry Potter { this is turning out to be  a life-long obsession - are your kids still loving Harry too?! :) }.

There were lots of great costumes; my favourites being all of the girls dressed as Pippi Longstocking with wired plaits! Too cute.

Do your kids like dressing up for Book Week? Tell me about your costumes!
Amber. XO

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