Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eating Gluten Free in Italy

Italy has, somewhat surprisingly, been the best country of our travels-so-far for eating out Gluten-free or Senza Glutine as it is called here.

France and Switzerland were pretty good for the GF supermarket-shopper but not wonderful for restaurant meals. The UK, Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic? Pretty average.

Here, a good percentage of cafes and restaurants seem to at least have a box of rice pasta in the kitchen that they can offer Mr-8 but finding somewhere offering PIZZA senza glutine is his most-favourite! 

Last night, our first in Rome, we found just that... a little pizza shop, conveniently only 100 metres from our apartment, that will never win any decor-awards but had created enough of a GF-buzz online for people to take notice. 

I was still skeptical when we ordered, but the lack-of-pictures don't lie. The pizza was GREAT! So great that we ate it all without taking a single photo. Lol. We also had a really nice mozzerella and salami salad but declined the gluten-free beer for budgetary reasons (good to know it was an option though).

What we couldn't decline however was the promise of gluten-free desserts, namely cheesecake and Tiramisu.

Wow. I'm not sure that L has had either in years! Exciting.

This time I made sure I pulled out the camera before they disappeared ;)

Unfortunately for us this place is now closed until January 24 so we won't be able to repeat this fabulousness but if you're in Rome post-January I recommend you track it down. And enjoy that cheesecake for me!

Voglia di Pizza. Via Dei Giubbonari, 33. Rome, Italy. 06 6875293

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  1. Nice post. Italy seems like one of the best places to enjoy good pizza recipes. Thanks for sharing.


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